Re: [vserver] 3 basic questions

From: <>
Date: Sat 08 Aug 2009 - 19:28:03 BST
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Quoting "Herbert Poetzl" <>:

>> Could you tell me which linux distributions have the most
>> modern linux release which also have a patched kernel for that
>> distribution available to be downloaded and ready to go using
>> their package managers?
> no idea, probably gentoo or debian (not the stable versions)?

Debian still has no vserver patched kernel beyond 2.6.26 with the
patches that Lenny came with. I've built some 2.6.29 images (for
Debian's current Stable release "Lenny"), and will add more soon. You
could try them for Ubuntu if you liked, YMMV. I'm using these on a
number of production servers.

Instructions are here:

 From Ben Green
Received on Sat Aug 8 19:28:26 2009

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