Re: [vserver] which guest hit the memory limit?

From: Edward Capriolo <>
Date: Wed 05 Aug 2009 - 16:16:10 BST
Message-ID: <>

On Wed, Aug 5, 2009 at 5:04 AM, Rik Bobbaers<> wrote:
>> first, this is no virtual machine. :)
>> second, there is no method to reset the hit counter
>> but there is one to reset the min/max ... this is
>> mainly because there is no real point in resetting
>> the counter (at least IMHO :)
>> best,
>> Herbert
>> PS: it would be trivial to add this, if you can
>> provide a good argument why that would be useful :)
> i can take this one...
> if you know for example, that your machine went "over its limits" on an
> import of a database, compile of "something", or just a batch task... and
> you KNOW it does that once at startup, or each night, but you want to
> check if it happens again afterward. it's easier to do your heavy
> computations, when it's settled, reset counters and see if in "normal
> operation", it happens too.
> say i have a webserver running , but each morning i need to load some
> shitload of pictures to it which makes it prone to memory problems, but i
> know, i don't care... it would be nice to reset to 0, then test/see if it
> remains 0 for the rest of the time
> good reason or not? i don't know, but a reset button on counters is always
> a good idea imho :)
> Rik Bobbaers
> --
> linux/unix/system/network/security/hardware/DR admin

I can make a use case for always wanting a reset as a user feature.

Enter busy NFS servers. I want to be able to graph clients and servers
to see, who is using the most NFS ops. Enter a 32 bit OS level
counter, a counter that has been 32 bit for over 6 years of bug

Eventually you hit a wrap around condition (this may not be the case
with vserver). The only way to fix it is restart/reboot.

That stinks! because you spend half your life bragging about high *nux
uptime but then you need to reboot/restart for your counters, and you
lose your bragging rights. With a 64 bit counter needed a reset is
unlikely, but if they are 32 bit it does come into play. So yes reset
is always useful for stat guru's like myself :)
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