[vserver] upnp server on guest system

From: Dready <thomas.subera_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 02 Aug 2009 - 09:22:00 BST
Message-ID: <9c0685af0908020122s55e1621buc3feb4717b4e1acb@mail.gmail.com>

Hi there,

i have troubles with upnp servers in a vserver system. I am using
debian stable with the kernel: "2.6.26-2-vserver-686" and created a
new vserver called media01. I tried mediatomb an fuppes, whoch worked
fine and i am also able to configure them and so on.

The Problem lies with the connectivity to other systems (for example
ps3). They don't seem to find it and i am pretty sure it's related to
multicast issues. As proposed here: http://linux-vserver.org/Multicast
i added a new interface 1 nodev with the ip as for mediatomb
you have to add this route: (where eth1 is the device you are using,
mine is eth0)
# route add -net netmask eth1
# ifconfig eth1 allmulti

Did not work. I added the route on the host system (for eth0), also
not working. My default interface configuration for the vserver is:
name: v41
prefix: 16

my bcapabilities look as follows:

What am i missing?

I tried installing mediatomb on the host system and it works fine, but
i really want to have it running in a controllable vserver


best regards,
Thomas Subera
Received on Sun Aug 2 09:22:17 2009

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