[vserver] How to clone vserver?

From: Sthu Deus <sthu.deus_at_gmail.com>
Date: Tue 21 Jul 2009 - 10:37:37 BST
Message-ID: <4a65a283.22a0100a.3012.fffffa62@mx.google.com>

Good day,

Could please tell me how or direct to documentation (NOT from
linux-vserver.org) on how I can clone mine existing vserver (if it is secure
and applicable).

What I have: I have installed a vserver - as it shown at linux-vserver.org

vserver vserver1 build \
     -m debootstrap --context 42 \
     --hostname vserver1.mydomain.com \
     --interface eth0: \
     -- -d lenny -m http://ftp.de.debian.org/debian

But as the docs from there and mans are poor to me, I still have no idea what
is the magical context 42, or what the 'unified files' for clone method, though

And the example failed for me:

vserver vserver5 build -m clone --hostname vserver5.mydomain.com --interface
eth0: -- --source /vservers/vserver4

- as I have in Debian no /vservers dir.

I would follow the right way (proper and secure) in building/cloning vservers
with absolutely isolation the vservers one from another and from the host OS.
Also, I have to have network access for every vserver.

I would appreciate if You point me to a good documentation, as I want to learn a
lot of the wonderful technology - vservers, and for sure do not want to ask
much here, have the good documentation.

Thank You for Your time.

Sthu Deus
Received on Tue Jul 21 12:12:23 2009

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