[vserver] kernel and vserver not working? bug?

From: Michael <michael.auckland_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun 19 Jul 2009 - 06:13:55 BST
Message-ID: <35207fdf0907182213s74b5c808x20a0394a32d12e97@mail.gmail.com>

Hi all,

I've installed te kernel nad patch it with vserver - alll
vent well, without any errors. ( debian lenny 64bit)

After reboot to new kernel - found that noone (except root) have
rights to write anywhere on the file system - got an error:
No space left on device

even in /tmp directory
have more that 50% free space and imnodes only 1% in use

When reboot back to kernel or 2.6.30 all works OK, no errors.

Where to dig? or it is a confirmed bug with vserver?

Received on Sun Jul 19 06:14:11 2009
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