[vserver] virt_load, virt_mem and vs

From: Xavier Montagutelli <xavier.montagutelli_at_unilim.fr>
Date: Mon 25 May 2009 - 10:55:10 BST
Message-Id: <200905251155.10708.xavier.montagutelli@unilim.fr>


Do virt_load and virt_mem work as expected in VServer ? Or do I
misunderstand them ?

Kernel used (compiled by ben@bristolwireless.net) :
beng (OK, if I have time, I will compile my own kernel ...)

1) virt_load : "monvs" and "nono" are two VServers with virt_load activated

# cat /etc/vservers/monvs/flags

I run "burnMMX" inside both VServers : the load average is the same under the
VServers and the host, around 1.9, each burnMM process consuming aroud 50 % of
my CPU.

Same thing when I activate "sched_hard" : in this case, I would expect the
load average to stay at 1 inside the VServers, and each burnMMX appearing as
consuming 100% of the (allocated slice of the) CPU

2) virt_mem : with VServer version 2.0, the "swap" size displayed inside a
VServer used to be "AS.hard - RSS.hard".

Now, the memory is displayed virtualized (as expected equal to RSS.hard), but
the swap is always 0.

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