Re: [vserver] F-Prot update: Network - Connection failed (23)

From: Jarry <>
Date: Sat 23 May 2009 - 21:40:40 BST
Message-ID: <>

Tom Laermans wrote:

>> In one of my vserver-guests (gentoo) I installed f-prot, which
>> I want to use for mail scanning. Problem is, I can not update
>> virus signatures. Whenever I try it (/opt/f-prot/fpudate),
>> I always get this error:
>> In console I can see update counter, and this problem happens
>> always exactly at 43% (~50 seconds from beginning).

> My crystal experience ball says your /tmp is at the default size of 16MB
> and too small to store the download.

Where did you buy that crystal ball? I'd like to have it too.
Or even better three or four of them, just to be sure...

That was direct hit, man! I increased tmpfs size for this guest
to 128MB and suddenly all works. F-Prot needed ~38MB in /tmp.
But how could I have known from that disinformative error message
it had something to do with /tmp ???

I'm going to write this to Frisk Software (company behind fprot).
I reported this error to their hotline and all I got is just
a standard bunch of auto-replies (check your proxy, firewall,
network cable, keyboard, etc)...

But thanks to valuable support from this mailing list, the problem
now is solved. Thank you, all who replied and tried to help me.


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