Re: [vserver] mknod inside vserver (bind error)

From: Jarry <>
Date: Thu 07 May 2009 - 19:33:31 BST
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl wrote:

>> mknod: `/chroot/dns/dev/zero': Operation not permitted
>> mknod: `/chroot/dns/dev/urandom': Operation not permitted
>> Is there any fix, or workaround?
> many, the simplest and still secure approach is
> to create the necessary devices from the host
> (either via mknod or simply by copying them into the quest)

It doesn't work: if bind installation script finds "/chroot/dns"
it says chrooting has been aready done and refuses to do it again

> another approach is to setup device mapping
> properly to allow certain 'considered secure'
> devices to be created inside a guest

I'm new to vserver, and its configuratioins is rather terrific
to me but I tried it (though I'm not sure I did it properly):

# mkdir -p /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/zero
# mkdir -p /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/urandom
# touch /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/zero/create
# touch /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/urandom/create
# touch /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/zero/open
# touch /etc/vservers/vs4/apps/vdevmap/urandom/open
# echo "MKNOD" > /etc/vservers/vs4/bcapabilities
# vserver vs4 stop; vserver vs4 start

Now I get past those errors just to get a new one:
* Setting up the chroot directory...mount: permission denied

Apparently, that script wants to mount something somewhere.
How can I allow it in vserver-guest?


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