[vserver] ping vs. IP address vs. MAC (address)

From: Roderick A. Anderson <raanders_at_cyber-office.net>
Date: Fri 01 May 2009 - 16:54:47 BST
Message-ID: <49FB1B47.6050209@cyber-office.net>

I'm asking for a clue stick here. First time I've run into this issue
... hard. Be a few times where it took a bit for outbound traffic to
get a route but can't remember running into this problem.

The short question is: does the network/NIC _know_ which IP address it
is responding for when a ping request comes in or does it just respond
to the ping request at the MAC (hardware?) level?

I have two hosts and each of their guests has its own IP address. I am
trying to move the guest's services from one host to the other. The new
and old guests both use the same IP address. So I shut down the old
guest and then start up the new guest on the other system. Network
traffic to the new guest, except pings, doesn't work. Iptables, ip addr
ls, ifconfig, etc., all appear to be good.

I'm guessing the routing is sending the ping request to the old guest's MAC.

Thoughts, Ideas?


Received on Fri May 1 16:55:08 2009
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