[vserver] X/dev/ptsX messages

From: John A. Sullivan III <jsullivan_at_opensourcedevel.com>
Date: Thu 26 Mar 2009 - 16:04:35 GMT
Message-Id: <1238083475.6572.12.camel@jaspav.missionsit.net.missionsit.net>

Hello, all. We're now finally in the midst of combining VServer and
X2Go as the centerpiece of our new project. I am seeing quite a number
of these messages in /var/log/messages on the VServer host:

vd01 kernel: vxW: [XpsX,26581:#40002|40002|40002] did lookup hidden devpts:ffff88041a8d5440[#0,2] X/dev/ptsX.

Pardon my ignorance but what is it telling me? Thanks - John

John A. Sullivan III
Open Source Development Corporation
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Received on Thu Mar 26 16:03:35 2009
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