[vserver] run VirtualBox emulator on a VServer kernel host

From: markandeya <markandeya_at_sriaurobindoashram.com>
Date: Tue 24 Jun 2008 - 08:17:57 BST
Message-ID: <d3c58627636c31fa64969be6508710d0@sriaurobindoashram.com>

Dear Friends of VServer,
Has anyone run an emulator like VitualBox on top of a VServer host. VServrer allows for many Linux virtual O/Ses on the same system. i also want to run WindowsXP - for teaching windowers Linux. i can show them how to do things in XP and then the same in many Linux Flavors. Also i can show Open Office in both O/Ses, and how cross platform programs look in each, say Python programs or Mono.
  So i would like to installVServer and then some Linux virtual O/Ses , then install VirtualBox and a guest WinXP O/S. Can this be done and are there any gotchas?? Which Base O/S for VServer would you recommend?
  Thank you for the help, any experience, ideas or recommendations are very welcome, Markandeya
Received on Tue Jun 24 08:18:09 2008

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