Re: [vserver] Vserver kernel support

From: Corey Wright <>
Date: Mon 16 Jun 2008 - 04:53:53 BST
Message-Id: <>

not necessarily directed towards nikolay, but just picking up this thread
with the latest reply i found in my mail reader (ie his).

On Wed, 11 Jun 2008 13:56:54 +0300
Nikolay Kichukov <> wrote:

> Someone on IRC once advised that 2.6.25 would not be very well
> integrated with vserver. So we are better of waiting until 2.6.26 ;-)

just noticed from debian's new package list [1] (really the corresponding
rss feed [2]), that debian has enabled vserver builds for kernel 2.6.25.
from the build log [3] it appears they are using vs2., presumable
from herbert's experimental patches [4].


i only refer to debian's choice of vserver patches because i use it
as a vote of confidence and presume that somebody has done due-diligence and
it's not totally borked. i'll test it on my workstation, but won't put it
into "production" on my server (though i might need to on a new server
for reasons of hardware support only found in kernels more recent than

> Me myself use debian testing and always compile my own kernel from
> with the latest experimental patches.

on my workstation, for occasional testing purposes, i use whatever debian
testing has available (and for 2.6.25 that seems to be experimental,
assuming it eventually migrates to testing/lenny). on my server i use the
latest stable patch and matching vanilla kernel.

> I enjoy the vserver project.

it enables some extremely beneficial functionality (user-land
virtualization and separation, besides security).


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