Re: [vserver] Can't see all my processes?

From: vitalyb <>
Date: Tue 13 May 2008 - 21:04:19 BST
Message-ID: <>

Ed W wrote:

>> If you say Y here, processes inside a chroot will not be
>> able to
>> kill, send signals with fcntl, ptrace, capget, getpgid, getsid,
>> or view any process outside of the chroot.
> The description is incorrect in the sense that it implies it only works
> one way, but in fact it appears to work both ways, ie the parent can't
> see the chrooted process either (or perhaps this is a bug?)

AFAIU, since vserver is a kind of chroot itself when above is 'y'
it appears to be two different chroots - so they can not see each

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