Re: [vserver] Can't see all my processes?

From: Ed W <>
Date: Tue 13 May 2008 - 08:12:55 BST
Message-ID: <>

David Karban wrote:
> Ed W napsal(a):
>> Hi
> Hi,
> I had same issue with bind run in vserver in chroot jail with
> grsecurity chroot jail protection. Bind process was visible from host
> by vps, but not in guest. Without chroot jail protection was visible
> in guest too.
> But the question is ... are you chrooting in vserver ?

Aha, I'm not knowingly chrooting, but then this is a bit of bernstein
software, so I guess that it quite probably does a chroot (dnscache)

Any tips on adjusting grsec? I'm not sure really why the chroot
protection would cause this effect? Presumably it's somehow causing the
process security tags to change in some way?

Ed W
Received on Tue May 13 08:13:07 2008

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