Re: [vserver] Can't see all my processes?

From: Ed W <>
Date: Mon 12 May 2008 - 20:11:33 BST
Message-ID: <>


> Is it running as a non-root user?


> Did you enable that process-hiding thing
> in grsec?

Not sure which one you mean - I *do* have the "hide kernel processes"
option enabled and I can't see it's one of the sysctl disableable
options. (The obvious option is to boot a different kernel, but it's
not easy on a production machine)

It's very peculiar - in the vserver pstree shows

dnscache / # pstree -p
     | `-supervise(14644)---multilog(14645)

But in the host

        | `-supervise(14644)---multilog(14645)

I'm not really sure how to get more info on the process to see why it's
perhaps hiding. Any suggestions?


Ed W
Received on Mon May 12 20:11:55 2008

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