Re: [vserver] OCFS2 and VServer

From: Mike O'Connor <>
Date: Sat 03 May 2008 - 14:01:27 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi Raoul

In our current systems we do not have a remote storage system, so the
backup is done on the machines running the guests.


Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] wrote:
> Mike O'Connor wrote:
>> NFS is the trusty fall-back, my main issue is how to create backups on
>> the NAS's. Our current systems backup via cron, this causes large
>> amounts of I/O load each time a backup is performed.
> where exactly do you take the backup? on the nas itself (which is the
> nfs server) or on the vserver host which runs the vserver clients?
> (or inside the vservers *g*)
> would there be a possibility to work with xfs snapshots or so?
> cheers,
> raoul
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