[vserver] OCFS2 and VServer

From: Mike O'Connor <vserver_at_pineview.net>
Date: Thu 01 May 2008 - 04:35:36 BST
Message-ID: <48193A88.7000004@pineview.net>

Hi Guys

I'm trying to work out the best method of rolling our a set of NAS's
using the Norco DS-1220 units for storage and a rackmount server as the
NAS head.

I have two NAS Servers which will have one DS-1220 each and the servers
have five by E1000 ports (four of which will be channel bonded)

Which network ready file system would you guys recommend for vservers
guests and vmware disk images ?

One thing I would really like but do not think is going to be possible
is live replication of part of the file system between each NAS.

I'd like comments and ideas.

Thanks for your time and thoughts
Received on Thu May 1 04:36:09 2008

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