[vserver] save_ctxinfo: execv(): No such file or directory

From: xin lin <lx_wpp_at_yahoo.com.cn>
Date: Wed 23 Apr 2008 - 03:20:40 BST
Message-ID: <439820.58578.qm@web15814.mail.cnb.yahoo.com>


I install vserver in an os building from scratch

vserver avct build -m skeleton --hostname avct --interface eth0: --initstyle=plain
vserver avct start

it tell me:

save_ctxinfo: execv(): No such file or directory

An error occured while executing the vserver startup sequence; when
there are no other messages, it is very likely that the init-script
(/sbin/init) failed.

Common causes are:
* /etc/rc.d/rc on Fedora Core 1 and RH9 fails always; the 'apt-rpm' build
  method knows how to deal with this, but on existing installations,
  appending 'true' to this file will help.

Failed to start vserver 'avct'



                   VS-API: 0x00020200
             util-vserver: 0.30.214; Apr 18 2008, 14:03:26

                       CC: i686-linux-gcc, i686-linux-gcc (GCC) 4.1.1
                      CXX: i686-linux-g++, i686-linux-g++ (GCC) 4.1.1
                 CPPFLAGS: ''
                   CFLAGS: '-fexpensive-optimizations -fomit-frame-pointer -frename-registers -O2 -std=c99 -Wall -pedantic -W -funit-at-a-time -std=c99 -Wall -pedantic -W -funit-at-a-time'
                 CXXFLAGS: '-fexpensive-optimizations -fomit-frame-pointer -frename-registers -O2 -fpermissive -ansi -Wall -pedantic -W -fmessage-length=0 -funit-at-a-time -ansi -Wall -pedantic -W -fmessage-length=0 -funit-at-a-time'
               build/host: i686-avct-linux-gnu/i686-pc-linux-gnu
             Use dietlibc: yes
       Build C++ programs: yes
       Build C99 programs: yes
           Available APIs: v13,net,v21,v22,v23,netv2
            ext2fs Source: kernel
    syscall(2) invocation: alternative
      vserver(2) syscall#: 273/glibc

                   prefix: /usr
        sysconf-Directory: /etc
            cfg-Directory: /etc/vservers
         initrd-Directory: $(sysconfdir)/init.d
       pkgstate-Directory: /var/run/vservers
          vserver-Rootdir: /vservers

Assumed 'SYSINFO' as no other option given; try '--help' for more information.

Received on Wed Apr 23 14:42:26 2008

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