Re: [vserver] Newbei's questions

From: Stephen Liu <>
Date: Sun 20 Apr 2008 - 16:50:49 BST
Message-ID: <>

--- Martin <> wrote:

> The
> only other solution I can think of is that some of the commercial
> vendors may be able to sell you (at great cost) switching gear that
> can
> route on the basis of packet content. This would likely be extreemly
> expensive and I suspect it wouldn't work very well for your needs.

Can vyatta help?

I learned this project for sometime. Unfortunately I don't have time
testing it.

> If you want to run two or more, independant, web servers both on port
> 80, you will need more than one IP.

Actually what I want to achieve is;

Running mail server on Host OS
Running web server on Guest OS

I have SquirrelMail, the webmail, running on the mail server. It needs
port 80. However Apache also needs port 80. I can't figure out how to
let them sharing port 80. This is my problem. If w/o a solution then
I must run both web and mail servers on the Host.

Others noted with thanks.


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