Re: [vserver] max physical memory / mixing 32bit / 64bit

From: Michael S. Zick <>
Date: Fri 18 Apr 2008 - 15:36:46 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Fri April 18 2008 09:18, Oliver Welter wrote:
> Hi Mike
> >> Now I just have to make those unionfs stuff work....
> >>
> >
> > You may have better luck with auFS.
> I already checked their website but I am uncertain as they didnt publish
> any releases on yet....

The author runs his project a little bit differently - posts "snapshots" as
cvs commits every Monday. You have to pull from the project cvs, that
cvs head is "this weeks" snapshot.

The author does have an active mailing list. Which also gets the "change notices"
every Monday (Japan time).

The code is being picked up by Debian and Ubuntu now, also openSUSE with active
help from Novell. Which means a bit of "re-factoring" now to get it into main-stream.

A small but active project.

> What version do you use? I am currently running 2.6.22.
> Oliver
Received on Fri Apr 18 17:50:44 2008

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