Re: [vserver] Newbei's questions

From: ADNET Ghislain <>
Date: Tue 15 Apr 2008 - 08:52:37 BST
Message-ID: <>

> 1)
> What will be the advantage in running Vserver compared to
> Xen/VirtualBox/VMWare/etc. IIRC on FAQ it mentiones Vserver taking
> only Windows Guest. The others can take Windows guest additional to
> Linux/Unix guests.
while i am far from a kernel guru i can tell you that light
virtualisation like linux vserver has a very small footprint and so the
vservers run as fast as on the real hardware. The cost is some % of
performances and as it use the real kernel network and disk drivers,
access are not slowed down. This has major advantage in the performance
part at least. You could read :

to have a better insight on how this work :)


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