[vserver] Which util-vserver version for which patch version?

From: Markus Fischer <markus_at_fischer.name>
Date: Tue 08 Apr 2008 - 01:04:30 BST
Message-ID: <47FAB68E.3020309@fischer.name>


I'm currently running with and utils 0.30.212 .

I plan to test with with and maybe also with I'm
trying to get cifs fs mounting in guest running and it doesn't work with the
current setup because of some weird thing with kernel module threads or so.

Anyway, is keeping 0.30.212 for those two newer versions safe? And if I've to
uprade the utils, can I use them safely in case I need to switch back to ?

- Markus
Received on Tue Apr 8 01:04:55 2008

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