[Vserver] Re: vserver patch for recent 2.6.16

From: Markus Schuster <ma.schuster_at_gmx.de>
Date: Mon 22 Jan 2007 - 21:01:59 GMT
Message-ID: <ep38o7$vfo$1@sea.gmane.org>

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
>> I'm asking myself (and now you :)) if there's a linux-vserver patch
>> available for a recent 2.6.16 kernel (like
> nope, not really, as there was basically zero interest
> for new versions of 'older' kernels ...

Too bad. AFAIK kernel 2.6.16 was intended to be supported for a longer time
with security updates, so I thougth there could be a longer-maintained
patch :)

>> I had no problems patching older 2.6.16 kernels with XEN and
>> vserver, but with the more recent one, the latest available vserver
>> patch for 2.6.16 (patch- does not apply
>> without dozens of rejects that I can't fix myself.
> I take it that you are actually volunteering to test
> such a kernel with and without Xen meshed in ...

I think I can't follow your thoughts here :) Should I try to patch a vanilla with patch- or what do you mean?
I'm also ready to test a pre-made with XEN and vserver patches
applyed as long as it won't eat up my server :)

>> btw: I know about the Debian 2.6.18 kernels with XEN and vserver
>> support, but starting from 2.6.18-3 up to 2.6.18-7 I had no change to
>> get it running stable in my environment. Either XEN code oopses, or
>> (if you manage to work around the XEN problem) vserver code oopses
>> on shutdown of a vserver or the NFS server is showing a really wired
>> behavior, or, or or....
> you should definitely report those to the debian folks

Well, I've reported the XEN problem some time ago (even with severity set to
important) but nobody cared about it till today (well, they have a lot of
other important bugs :)). I would have to build up a development system to
report this bugs 'cause the system itself is intended to be productive
(more or less, it's a home server). I hope I find some free time the next


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