[Vserver] a question regarding disk limits

From: alexander goeres - lieblinx GmbH <agoeres_at_lieblinx.net>
Date: Tue 16 Jan 2007 - 15:04:51 GMT
Message-Id: <200701161604.52474.agoeres@lieblinx.net>

Hello List!

I'm trying to make the disk-limits work for my vservers to gain some
flexibility and ran into a problem: the disk limits seem to be disfunctional.
I wonder if anyone could help me with that ..

I followed the instructions provided on
- created a directory /etc/vservers/test1/dlimit/0
- in there I created the files space_total with 716800, inode_total with
100000, reserved with 5 and directory with /var/lib/vservers/test
- I was tagging the files in /var/lib/vservers: chxid -r
--xid /var/lib/vservers/test

When I reduced the space_total to an amount smaller than the actual vserver
content "vserver test start" refused to come up, complaining that there is
not enough space.

After adjusting the space, the vserver could be started. Doing a "df -kh"
inside the vserver gave:
Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/hdv1 700M 579M 87M 88% /

Until here everything looks fine.

The error showed, when inside this vserver I succeed doing a:
dd if=/dev/zero of=testfile bs=1M count=1024

This produced a 1 GB big file inside the vserver that claimed to have only 87
MB left.

Are the disk limits functional? If yes, how are they to be set up? Any advice
is appreciated.

The vserver-version is a vanilla kernel with vs 2.2.0-rc7.
Util-Vserver is 0.30.211 (debian compiled). The vservers' partition is a
XFS-filesystem mounted with the "tagxid"-option.

Thanks in advance,


netzwerk- & systemadministrator
agoeres at lieblinx. net
tel.: +49 (0)30 / 62 90 81 05
fax: +49 (0)30 / 69 00 46 03
     we do software
reichenberger straße 125
10999 berlin
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