Re: [Vserver] firewall between 2 vservers

From: Oliver Welter <>
Date: Sun 07 Jan 2007 - 18:44:56 GMT
Message-ID: <>

Hi Oliver,

> i'm trying to restrict access from one vserver to another vserver
> running on the same machine. one is running on dummy0, the other one on
> dummy1. i tried firehol and shorewall, but it just doesn't work. it
> seems that all firewall rules are just ignored. what's so special with
> the vserver networking? has anyone examples how to setup working
> iptables rules that prevents access from one vserver to another?

AFAIK it is not possible to restrict networking betwwen two guests as
the pakets are switched directly on the shared interface and do not pass
the iptables queues. There is a new network stack popping up at the
horizon ("network-ng") but its not usable at the moment.


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