RE: [Vserver] 64bit centos templates?

From: ehab heikal <>
Date: Wed 27 Sep 2006 - 12:33:31 BST

About the 64 bit issue and performance. When running on AMD always go
for 64bit if you can. When running on Intel, older 64bit implementations
are sometimes slower in 64bit than in 32bit. That also holds to newer
intel processors including core 2 duo but to a lesser extent where in
some benchmarkes it was faster and in some it was slower. MySQL on 64bit
AMD is great.

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Subject: [Vserver] 64bit centos templates?

so far i found only one centos4 64bit vserver image that was
labelled 'default'. it turned out to not even have a text editor other
ed and no way to bring packages into it. no yum or update.

does anyone know of a decent image available? ultra-basic is fine as
long as
it has nano/pico and yum already installed.

the 32bit runs fine, but i would prefer 64bit guests (at least i *think*
would). i have a good full featured gentoo one, but a package we need to
for some things requires a redhat-style os. we would have to re-license
it to
use other than centos.

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