Re: [Vserver] how to set capabilities in Debian

From: Jim Wight <>
Date: Tue 26 Sep 2006 - 10:10:37 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Sat, 2006-09-23 at 18:40 +0200, Herbert Poetzl wrote:

> c) why would you want to add CAP_SYS_ADMIN to a guest?

Taking 'you' in the sense of 'anyone', I would say for NFS.

I don't want to hijack this thread, so can I refer you to one started by
Wilhelm Meier on 13th Sep entitled 'How do I nfs-mount inside a
vserver?', and which has gone quiet without being resolved. I have never
been able to get NFS to work without using CAP_SYS_ADMIN, even after
upgrading to, and was on the point of raising
the matter when that thread appeared. I too would like to know the
circumstances under which NFS mounting can be achieved without resorting


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