Re: [Vserver] advanced routing per vps

From: Rik Bobbaers <>
Date: Wed 20 Sep 2006 - 14:30:08 BST
Message-ID: <>

Herbert Poetzl wrote:
> routes and addresses are only loosely coupled,
> and the existance of one doesn't imply the other

not really... i can do a:
ip route add $NETWORK dev $IF table <table>

but, i can't add a gateway for that network if there is no ip defined on
that $IF

so, how would i go around that?

> yes, definitely, I'd put one routing table
> per vserver guest, this way you can basically
> have per guest routing and it will not affect
> the other guests at all ...

wouldn't that be a lot of overhead? i'd say just add rules in start and
stop scripts, make the routes for each table fixed at boottime or so...
(that was my initial thought, but as you see above, you can't add a
gateway to a route if you don't have an ip on that network...

sollutio would indeed be: put a route for every vps on your system...
(requires more maintenance on your rt_tables file tough...)

but might be a good idea... i don't know yet :)

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