Re: [Vserver] lvremove: "Can't remove open logical volume"

From: Christian Affolter <>
Date: Fri 15 Sep 2006 - 09:22:01 BST
Message-ID: <>


> I am setting up a host with LVM volumes for each vserver.
> I made scripts for vserver creation which include on-the-fly Logical
> Volume creation, formating and mount, that works pretty well.
> Things are getting worse when I try to delete a Logical Volume after
> having the vserver stopped and its partition umounted:
> I randomly get this error:
> "Can't remove open logical volume"
Because it's probably still mounted in your other active namespaces...

> The Logical Volume seems actually umounted because cat /proc/mounts
> doesn't mention it, but *something* is still using it and I cannot
> figure out what.
> A reboot of the host corrects the problem but I can't reboot the whole
> system each time I need to delete a vserver.
Try to unmount your volume for each active name space:
vnamespace -e [namespace of context <xid>] umount /your/lvm/volume

Hope this helps.


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