Re: [Vserver] gcc version mixing?

From: Michael S. Zick <>
Date: Thu 14 Sep 2006 - 14:49:46 BST
Message-Id: <>

On Wed September 13 2006 18:26, Chuck wrote:
> does anyone know if it would cause problems if my host is compiled with gcc
> 4.1 using nptl while some guests are precompiled binaries using gcc 3.4.6
> with the old style threading and others compiled using gcc 4.1 with nptl?
> i do not have the luxury of making them all 4.1.. so its either hopefully
> mixing is ok or do all guests in 3.4.6 old threading or i have to do the
> entire system including host in 3.4.6 old threading. i know basically nothing
> about the new vs old systems for any kind of compatibility.

Here I build experimental glibc and gcc inside of vservers -
one of their many uses. They make a great sandbox for anything.

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