Re: [Vserver] FC5 Install note.

From: Roderick A. Anderson <>
Date: Sat 09 Sep 2006 - 00:32:27 BST
Message-ID: <>

Guenther Fuchs wrote:
> Hi there,
> on Friday, September 8, 2006 at 10:39:01 PM there was posted:
> RAA> Who did the Fedora Core 5 Install on the wiki?
> Mmmm - looks like me ;-)
> RAA> Well someone did add it ( yum ) to the exclude line.
> Oh yes - also looks like me. Didn't remeber that. Seems I'm getting
> older ;-)
> RAA> Good job Guenther!
> Thanks. But it's "just" documentation. Main cred's are to go to Daniel
> and Bertl for doing the codings.

Just documentation? It is great. It took me from beating my head
against a keyboard to getting a host setup in record time with minimal
beer and aspirin consumption.

I'm not lowering what Bertl and Daniel have been doing. Vserver has
made major jumps because of Bertl; and Daniel's interest and willingness
to make Fedora RPMs and a repository turn it into an _easy_ distribution

But documentation is what turns it from an "interesting" project to a
"valuable" project. Don't discount your contribution.

Ok down from my soapbox.

My thanks to everyone!


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