[Vserver] FC3 386 Guest in FC4 x64 host

From: ehab heikal <ehab_at_elmotaheda.com>
Date: Thu 07 Sep 2006 - 18:23:41 BST

I am trying to build an fc3 test system in and fc4 x86 when i install
with vserver build and the option of distro is fc3 everything is ok
until I try to internalize the package management , when doing this the
package management inside the guest does not work also the installation
defaults to installing x64 and I would rather have 386.
I tried to unpack a prebuilt fc3 from lylix.net but the rpm inside the
guest has an empty database.
a long time ago i remember in vserver on 2.4 kernels there was a utility
that would interactively build anyguest is such a utility now available
and compatible with the current 2.6 kernels?

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