Re: [Vserver] Multiple Routing Tables (Was: PPP inside VServer)

From: Eugene Roux <>
Date: Tue 05 Sep 2006 - 14:10:07 BST
Message-Id: <1157461807.4848.31.camel@norbert>

On Tue, 2006-09-05 at 07:37 -0500, Michael S. Zick wrote:
> On Tue September 5 2006 02:52, Eugene Roux wrote:
> >
> > Current Status:
> > * Multiple VEs are up and stable.
> > * VEs see their serial devices (all mapped to "/dev/modem").
> > * Connecting to "/dev/modem" using "cu -l" gives sane results.
> > * PPP connections establishes fine when tried individually.
> > * Trying to bring up more than one PPP interface at a time causes
> > the second to abort when it tries to set a default route.
> >
> > Any suggestions and/or tips?
> >
> man pppd
> See the: nodefaultroute and replacedefaultroute options.

Hmm... 'nodefaultroute', used in combination with a bit 'ip rule'
hackery might be the answer here.

Unfortunately it's been some years since I've done that: one forgets...
Time to stretch the mind again.

> They should give you control of the trying to set a default
> route.
> You might check how many /dev/ppp0 devices are trying to
> be set up also. ppp usually makes the connection:
> ppp? <-> /dev/something

This is correct, but fortunately :-

> Since routing is on the host, you might have to poke at
> the ppp code to get it to take an option for the device
> name. I.E: pppdev=ppp0 (vserver 0), pppdev=ppp1 (vserver 1)

This already happens. As far I can determine, the second Vserver is
allocated the 'ppp1' interface as an instance of '/dev/ppp'.

Where it all comes crashing down is when the second ppp interface then
tries to set a default route and the first will -- quite understandably
I think -- not give it up util it's done.

This is the reason I have to try and convince each Vserver that it has
it's own default route. Easy enough to do in Xen or VMWare since each
Server is a separate entity with bridged networking; not quite as simple
to accomplish in Linux-Vservers...

Mind you, Xen isn't at all easy to get going with multiple PPP dial-out
interfaces if you don't have a Vandepool/Pacifica enabled server, so
that point is really quite moot.

> It may be that you have to many ppp0 devices visible from
> the host (or you would if it wasn't aborting).

Fortunately not... Al least I sincerely hope not, otherwise I'd be in
deep trouble.


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