[Vserver] Multiple Routing Tables (Was: PPP inside VServer)

From: Eugene Roux <eroux_at_damn.org.za>
Date: Tue 05 Sep 2006 - 08:52:11 BST
Message-Id: <1157442731.4848.10.camel@norbert>

Hi Herbert, list

> >
> > I've managed to get both PPP links up, one in each Vserver. Problem
> > is that they both try to change the default route for their server,
> > and these routes filter through to the base machine and from there
> > to the other Vserver.
> >
> > Is there a flag that will allow each Vserver to have its own routing
> > table?
> no, but you can use multiple routing tables to
> set this up on the host system ...

Would you know which FM I'm to R to do this? I assume I'll have to dust
off my "ip rule" knowledge here...

What I'm trying to accomplish is to have multiple dial-out servers
connect to multiple destinations independently of one another; while all
the time having them live happily together inside one physical server.

This would be easy enough to using Xen in VTx capable servers, but that
is a luxury I don't have.

Since these are going to be used as dial-out servers (to measure
response time and other metrics) inter-server security is not that
important, I'll harden the physical server against intrusion as much as
is feasible.

Current Status:
      * Multiple VEs are up and stable.
      * VEs see their serial devices (all mapped to "/dev/modem").
      * Connecting to "/dev/modem" using "cu -l" gives sane results.
      * PPP connections establishes fine when tried individually.
      * Trying to bring up more than one PPP interface at a time causes
        the second to abort when it tries to set a default route.

Any suggestions and/or tips?


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