[Vserver] URGENT: rpm-4.3.3-18nonptl from CentOS 4.4 breaks vserver-build

From: Paul S. Gumerman <psg_at_cooldog.com>
Date: Mon 04 Sep 2006 - 03:43:13 BST
Message-ID: <44FB92C1.8080701@cooldog.com>

The new CentOS 4.4 that was released in the last few days includes a
version of rpm that results in the error message "error: can't create
transaction lock on /vservers/test/var/lock/rpm/transaction" when trying
to build vserver "test", and no rpms are actually installed into the

Falling back to the previous version of rpm, rpm-4.3.3-13nonptl from
CentOS 4.3 fixed the problem.

This is on x86_64.
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