[Vserver] Re: IP alias limitation

From: Benny Amorsen <benny+usenet_at_amorsen.dk>
Date: Wed 23 Aug 2006 - 20:12:24 BST
Message-ID: <m31wr7feqv.fsf@ursa.amorsen.dk>

>>>>> "KK" == Kathy Kost <kathyk@blarg.net> writes:

KK> I have a vserver Debian guest in which I have been creating lots
KK> of IP aliases and yesterday it gave me the error that there is a
KK> limit of 16. Is there a way to increase that limit in the kernel?
KK> Does this limit of 16 also apply to the root server? My concern is
KK> that I have 3 separate guests (besides the root) and whenever I
KK> create an IP alias in them, it's also created in the root server.
KK> i.e., if I have two guests that have 16 IP aliases each for a
KK> total of 32, those 32 IP aliases will be seen by the root server.
KK> Is that going to send my root server over the edge?

Does it help to add ip's with the ip add ... command instead of using
ifconfig? Aliases are sooo last millennium.


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