RE: [Vserver] pre-start / pre-stop

From: Roman Pretory <>
Date: Mon 21 Aug 2006 - 07:24:41 BST
Message-ID: <000501c6c4ea$7d046830$1402a8c0@LT01>

You might want to read a
if there is a bit why not :-)

Roman Pretory wrote:
>> to split for the util-vserver:
>> /etc/vserver/guestname/scripts/post-start
>> mkdir -p /vservers/file//data
>> mkdir -p /vservers/file//data/storage
>> mkdir -p /vservers/file//data/storage/160GB_1
>> mkdir -p /vservers/file//data/storage/60GB_1
>> mkdir -p /vservers/file//data/storage/60GB_2
>> mount --bind /data/storage/160GB_1
>> /vservers/file//data/storage/160GB_1
>> mount --bind /data/storage/60GB_1
>> mount --bind /data/storage/60GB_2
>> /vservers/file//data/storage/60GB_2
>> ===
>> why dos it not work!!!

>How doesn't it work?
I have after the start of the guest the mounts not mounted!

>What have you tried to make it work?
-)test on different nodes with differt os
-)change syntax
-)look for howto/or answers in this mailinglist

>Why are you
>using a script for that rather than using the built-in fstab
>functionality? etc... In addition, version information is always helpful
>in case of an actual bug.

it works in the old config, the pre-start exist in the new too, why should
it not work normally.
i tryed fstab too, with no success.

output of one node:
node3 ~ $ ./
Linux-VServer Test [V0.15] Copyright (C) 2003-2006 H.Poetzl
chcontext is working.
chbind is working.
Linux #1 Tue Sep 6 23:18:17 CEST 2005 i686
Ea 0.30.210 273/glibc (DSa) <v13,net>
VCI: 0002:0001 273 03000016 (TbLgnP)

[000]# succeeded.
[001]# succeeded.
[011]# succeeded.
[031]# succeeded.
[101]# succeeded.
[102]# succeeded.
[201]# succeeded.
[202]# succeeded.
in the moment it seems to work, 
only in the guest I could see it.
the hole time I looked from the node.
funny, but if this is true i could use this in differt way too.
Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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