[Vserver] kernel oops

From: Tom Laermans <tom.laermans_at_powersource.cx>
Date: Sun 13 Aug 2006 - 23:47:29 BST
Message-Id: <1155509249.17617.2.camel@deepspace.powersource.cx>


I tried to run with the 2.0.2-rc28 patch from
vserver.13thfloor.at/Experimental but it oopsed when starting init (and
it didn't go on anymore after that), with the 2.0.2-rc26 patch
worked fine (which was for but only makefile had to be

Perhaps it's something obvious... I'm doing this inside vmware.

Kernel config available on request, perhaps even the kernel log (if
needed, but then I'll need to reboot into the new/old kernel) - more
info from sid3windr @ #vserver as well...


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