Re: [Vserver] Multiple NICs, Multiple Networks; Revisited 2

From: John Alberts <>
Date: Sun 13 Aug 2006 - 15:52:25 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi Bob. After reading both this thread and the one on the Gentoo
forums that you posted, I see several problems.

First, I would use seperate subnets for each of your eth0, eth1, and
eth2 interfaces, and of course, seperate hubs/switches. I tried for a
week to get 2 nics working on the same subnet and never got past the
routing problems. For isolation reasons, I wouldn't expect that you
would even really want them on the same subnet anyway.

Second, it sounds like you are trying to use the same ip for your
guest as the ip that you have set for your real interface. The guest
os should have a unique address on the same subnet that the real
interface is on. For instance, if eth1 has an ip of,
then your guest os can have an ip of Assuming that is not already in use elsewhere.

This leads to the third problem. Every guest os must have a unique ip
address. In reading your posts, it sounds like you are trying to use
the same ip for multiple guests. You can't do that. :)


On 8/13/06, Michael S. Zick <> wrote:
> On Sat August 12 2006 02:14, Bob Predaina wrote:
> >
> > eth0, eth1, eth2 and lo are all up and running on the
> > host. the host is using eth0. as a test setup i have
> > installed two guest servers that will be using eth1.
> > both were created using the --interface
> > eth1: parameter.
> >
> Have you tried specifying a single address?
> --interface eth1:
> > The guests correctly
> > report that they are using eth1 at
> >
> > Even though the guest server's ifconfig information
> > shows binding to the correct ethernet adapter and IP
> > address (eth1:, it appears that they
> > are responding to incoming traffic on
> > eth1:, but their outgoing traffic is
> > actually going out through eth0: there
> > is no isolation of the network interfaces.
> >
> Both of those addresses are within the
> eth1: specification.
> Mike
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