Re: [Vserver] Host and guest compatability

From: Guenther Fuchs <>
Date: Wed 09 Aug 2006 - 14:28:36 BST
Message-ID: <>

Hi there,

on Wednesday, August 9, 2006 at 3:22:14 PM there was posted:

JW> Well, that's the error I get when I run /vservers/fc5/usr/bin/env
JW> on the host.

If you do that, the command is executed in _host_ context and
anvironment, that's exactly, why you get this error when execoting in
host context and root.

JW> 'chroot /vservers/fc5 /usr/bin/env' is OK.

Guessed that and whould have expacted it ;-)

JW> Maybe all my vservers behave the same way.

They do.

JW> It's difficult to tell because in all cases the guest's
JW> /usr/bin/env runs on the host without error.

It shouldn't be run on the host, it should be run in guest context and
root ...

Anyway - I'm not so deep in the starting scripts that I could tell
where the problem lies, I just can answer the above.

JW> By adding 'set -x' to vserver.start I can see that the last output
JW> before the error message is a long command, which appears to be a chain
JW> of util-vserver commands separated by '--', . One of those (in essence)
JW> is 'save_ctxinfo /etc/vservers/fc5 /usr/bin/env -i'.
JW> From looking at its source code, I deduce that it must be getting run in
JW> the vserver's context otherwise it would fail with 'save_ctxinfo: Can
JW> not operate in context 0". I'm guessing that that /usr/bin/env, whatever
JW> is done with it, is the source of the problem - but I wouldn't know as
JW> I'm not finding it the easiest thing in the world to make sense of what
JW> the utils do.

regards 'n greez,
Guenther Fuchs
(aka "muh" and "powerfox")
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