[Vserver] New wiki + many other things

From: Benedikt Böhm <hollow_at_gentoo.org>
Date: Wed 02 Aug 2006 - 20:55:02 BST
Message-Id: <200608022155.03173.hollow@gentoo.org>

Hi Community,

as some of you may already know there is an ongoing effort to move
linux-vserver.org to MediaWiki, the software used by Wikipedia. The new
installation can temporarily be found at http://vwiki.croup.de (please do not
register for now, email isn't setup yet)

There are still many things that need to be discussed, some of them not
entirely related to the new wiki, but it is probably the best to do things at
once ;)

The following things came to my mind where things still need to be decided and

* SCM Repository

This is mostly a question for Bertl, since he is managing the current
releases. AFAIK git was suggested and i think it is the best choice for
kernel development, but i don't have a preference here.

Another question would be if we should also setup Subversion/CVS (rather the
former ;) for project hosting (util-vserver, libvserver, vserver-utils,
openvcp, etc)

* Bug reporting

Do we need a central instance here like Bugzilla, or do we manage all bugs via
mailing list/irc as-is?

* Public Relations

Yeah, i know, anyone wants to do PR, but IIRC Bertl asked some time ago for PR
help, so maybe we can sort this out and build a team responsible for PR...

* Wiki Team

One thing we really need, IMO. There should be a bunch of people maintaining
locked pages, and review changes on a regular basis to keep the wiki easy to
use and sorted...

* Planet VServer

I'm not sure how many people in the community do blogging but it may be worth
thinking about an aggregator, since it nearly is no overhead to maintain and
a nice (PR) thing to have ;)

Beside discussing there is also real work to do: Move old wiki content to new

* Old wiki pages

Bertl already said to prepare a sqldump of the current wiki to get at least
_all_ content, since there does not seem to be a list-all-pages function in
the current wiki.

* New structure

The structure currently applied at vwiki.croup.de is by no means decided,
however it fits the overall requirements quite good IMO. Nevertheless feel
free to comment on that too.

For all old pages there should be redirects to the new location of this piece
of information, so that google links won't get invalid.

Since this is the most time-consuming task, please drop a note if you are
willing to help moving content and adapting the (sometimes) new wiki

New structure in detail:

* Paper: Bertl will review and update the current paper
* FAQs: Many current pages can be consolidated (derjohn?)
* Downloads: See below for Download Archives
* Documentation: the biggest part, most help needed here, especially different
distros etc..
* Participate/Report Bug: Write down detailed information about bug reporting
(testme/testfs etc)
* Projects: list projects related to linux-vserver (util-vserver,
vserver-utils, etc)
* Related Projects: Gather all related projects, and probably do a comparison
finally (wikipedia has a preliminary comparison, btw)

Rest should be self-explanatory and is also quite easy to create..

* Download archives

Currently there are so many locations for utils, patches, etc, that confuses
users. I suggest a central archive organized in a similar way to kernel.org
where all developers can put their stuff. These archives should be reachable
by HTTP/FTP and its structure should documented on the Downloads page...

I'd volunteer to setup and maintain the infrastructure for all parts listed
above, but I seriously need help during migration and future wiki updates.

TIA for comments and your time

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