Re: [Vserver] failed on "vyum gast -- install yum" :-(

From: jehan procaccia <>
Date: Fri 28 Jul 2006 - 23:50:49 BST
Message-ID: <>

Guenther Fuchs wrote:

>Hi there,
>on Wednesday, July 26, 2006 at 5:28:36 PM there was posted:
>JP> What is wrong ? As anyone been able to install vservers on FC5 ?
>There's some problem with yum and chroot, so Daniel decided to change
>the FC5 utils to work in network context of the guest only (security
>reasons). But that led to the mentioned problem if the guest is not
>running on using vyum - so simply start the guest before using vyum,
>then everything should work fine. HowTo was modified accordingly ...
indeed, I started the guest vserver and then it worked :-)
I had also change fedora repositories to point to our local mirrors so I
wasn't sure which of these 2 actions resolved my problem, now I'am
pretty sure that starting the guest was the good one

thanks .
 ps: will it be the definitve way it works from now -> "the FC5 utils
to work in network context of the guest only" ? or is it a temporary
workaround ?
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