Re: [Devel] Re: [Vserver] Linux Containers : next steps

From: Kir Kolyshkin <>
Date: Thu 27 Jul 2006 - 00:00:07 BST
Message-ID: <>

Serge E. Hallyn wrote:
> Quoting Cedric Le Goater (
>> However, i've also heard many times that we should agree before
>> flooding lkml. So I guess we should use the vserver, openvz, lxc-devel
>> mailing-list (eric please subscribe to one) before sending our
>> agreement or disagreement on lkml.
> Given (a) the likely occasional bursts of activity, and (b) the narrow
> scope which shouldn't interest people just looking for vserver or openvz
> help, I think we should go with just the third.
Well, this is what we have agreed upon during OLS/KS.
I'd like to have list included in To.
Let Herbert speak on behalf of vserver list.

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