Re: [Vserver] Re: Bug#378673: problem when /var/run/service is readonly inside vserver

From: Alexander Gerasiov <>
Date: Thu 20 Jul 2006 - 11:20:23 BST
Message-ID: <>

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson wrote:

>> Yeah, this happens because the boot-clean scripts are run on boot-up and
>> they are trying to remove the .pid and the .sock file in /var/run. This
>> is to be expected, is not a bug, and is most assuredly not a bug in
>> util-vserver.
> No, that error is from util-vserver (as indicated by the chroot-sh in
> the error message. See scripts/vserver.functions:prepareInit.
Yes, that's exactly what I get after my quick research %), thanks for
made it all clear.

I dont enforce you (may be there are some other issues with this), but
as I can see, it's not necessary to stop booting with fatal error when
you meet something readonly inside /var/run. Anyway please say your
decision: is this a bug which will be fixed in future, or not? (I
suppose Ola need it to know what to do with bug I reported to BTS).

As for my situation, I just mounted all I need in /mnt/something and
write init script inside vserver, wich creates symlinks from /var/ to
mounted dirs. Looks like it works fine =)

Thanks for reply and for utils-vserver =)

Regards, Alexander.
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