Re: [Vserver] Asterisk instances on VPS

From: Robert Michel <>
Date: Sat 15 Jul 2006 - 15:22:14 BST
Message-ID: <>

Salve Gustavo, *!

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006, Gustavo Alejandro Gonzalez wrote:

> I'm setting up a debian box with kernel 2.6 running virtual private servers with a TE110P card,

TE110P is an ISDN card from Digium, the company of Mark Spencer, the
inventor of the pbx server asterisk.

> at this moment i have two instances of vps running and i want to run asterisk on every one, so, i have installed all fine (documentation on But my problem arises when i run asterisk. It seems that D-CHANNEL is owned by the first instance that run and the other instance dies loading chan_zap and shows:

Without a vserver you would need to know how to share the d-channel for
two processes as well - so IMHO your problem does not belongs (primary)
to vserver.

Do you already know how use the two b-channels with two different
application (without a vserver)? (I know that the TE110P offers
12 b-channels but thats the same trick)

Digium also developed asterisk quite dependent to digium hardware,
this point could bring additional trouble - maybe the digium
driver likes to take all isdn resources for themself- so please rise
your question on asterisk-user ml or directly to digium.

I know to less about Isdn with Linux to help you in that point,
two not so smart soloutions:
- use a second ISDN card
- use a third asterisk instances which share ISDN for the other

Anybody on this list with better tips?
E.G. I didn't find a tutorial how to use one ISDN card with
different applications...
Good luck,

PS: Gustavo, would be nice if you will gave feedback to this
    list ;) This is an topic that also other vserver user
    will be interested in.

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