Re: [Vserver] DRBD and vservers

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Sat 08 Jul 2006 - 07:01:35 BST
Message-ID: <>

Martin Fick wrote:
> I am cross posting this to both the drbd and the
> vserver lists since it seems very relevant to both.
> I am using drbd with vservers and I am running into a
> problem trying to make drbd devices go secondary, they
> report a device busy problem.
> I have read everything here, but I do not think this
> addresses my problem:
> I have several vservers and each one has its own drbd
> device so that they can be migrated independently from
> one host to another. The problem is that when a
> vserver is stopped and another vserver which was
> started after the first vserver is still running, the
> drbd device for the first device remains busy despite
> the fact that it is not mounted in any namespace
> anymore. It's as if vservers keep a reference to any
> filesystems mounted before they were started even if
> they are not visible within the vserver? Is there
> anyway to fix this?

Yes, you can enable namespace cleanup. I'm not sure which version of the
patch is in the current Debian package, it might need an update, but if
you have a working version, you should be able to touch
/etc/vservers/.defaults/namespace-cleanup and any guests you start after
that will not copy all the mounts.

> (the /proc/mounts in every
> vserver context does not list the filesystem)

You'll have you check the /proc/mounts inside the namespace only, as the
context chroots and the mounts that are not visible to it are hidden.

> I am using debian unstable with the debian kernel
> 2.6.16-1-vserver-686, the debian vserver tools 0.2.6,
> the debian util-vserver

I assume you mean 0.30.210-10?

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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