Re: [Vserver] How to discover the "real" IP Address?

From: Boniforti Flavio <>
Date: Sat 08 Jul 2006 - 02:54:58 BST
Message-ID: <>

2006/7/7, Guenther Fuchs <>:
> As for security reasons: I don't think it's (easily) possible - and
> furthermore, I don't think, it _should_ be (easily) possible.

OK, let's say I know the hostname of TWO Servers (real ones) which
both host a bunch of VServers.
I therefore am able to know their IPs, right?

Now, I tried following approach:
pinging localhost gives me 0.0 ms times
pinging SERVER1 gives me 0.0 ms times
pinging SERVER2 gives me times form 0.1 to 0.4...

Is it correct if I assume (without any definite certainty) that my
VServer resides on SERVER1?
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