Re: [Vserver] /proc/virtnet error

From: Daniel Hokka Zakrisson <>
Date: Fri 07 Jul 2006 - 06:19:53 BST
Message-ID: <>

Roderick A. Anderson wrote:
> While doing some clean up I was looking for remnants of a guest.
> When I ran:
> # find / -name '*vs666*'
> I got the following error message right away.
> WARNING: Hard link count is wrong for /proc/virtnet: this may be a bug
> in your filesystem driver.
> Since this directory has the context of guests as subdirs I was
> wondering if I might have caused this while _playing_ around --
> creating, copying, deleting guests, etc.

No, not at all. It seems we just don't keep track of how many
directories are inside /proc/virtual or /proc/virtnet, so the count
never changes.

Daniel Hokka Zakrisson
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