[Vserver] Re: vservers start very slow after a reboot

From: micah <micah_at_riseup.net>
Date: Tue 04 Jul 2006 - 19:46:05 BST
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> thanks for the info. I think your suggestions will actually solve the
> problem i'm having.
> Thing is that i'm not sure on how to do it correctly on Debian.
> I have a util-vserver script in /etc/init.d
> which is linked to from rc2.d:
> S23util-vserver -> ../init.d/util-vserver
> In /etc/default/util-vserver i reread this comment:
> # The vserver initscript runs late in the boot-up sequence, which may
> # be inappropriate for services that need to run earlier, such as
> # nameservers or VPN tunnels. If a copy of the initscript is made to
> # run at an earlier position, you can then set $MARK to be those vservers
> # that you want to run then.
> #MARK=default
> This is confusing to me. The comment says to copy the initscript for those
> servers that need to be started earlier but the script looks at
> /etc/default/util-vserver to find info on what servers to start first.
> So how do i do that? I could copy the script, copy /etc/default/util-vserver
> and adjust the MARK & AUTO parameters there but i don't think that's the
> proper way to deal with this problem or is it?

Its not a very clear paragraph, I agree. I think the idea is that if you have:

vserver1 -- needs to be started early, has mark set to "early"
vserver2 -- can be started manually, has mark set to "default" or nothing

then you set /etc/default/util-vserver so that

and then had this symlink:

/etc/rc1.d/S01util-vserver -> ../init.d/util-vserver

then this would run and start the "early" marked vservers. Once the system
came up you could manually start the other vservers. Or you would have two
copies of the initscript and have one with
DEBIANCONFIG=/etc/default/util-vserver2 with a different MARK variable set
than the other initscript.

Its a rather crude oddity that doesn't really solve any problems, and it
should be removed from the package.

One thing to note: The depends flag that Herbert mentions is useful only
when a vserver is a pre-requisite for another to start. However, if you need
a vserver to start that is a pre-requisite for the rest of the system bootup
process, then this flag is not what you want.

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