Re: [Vserver] Re: [Devel] Container Test Campaign

From: Clément Calmels <>
Date: Tue 04 Jul 2006 - 14:54:09 BST
Message-Id: <1152021249.24611.39.camel@localhost.localdomain>


> > I'm wondering why a default 'guest' creation implies some resources
> > restrictions? Couldn't the resources be unlimited? I understand the need
> > for resource management, but the default values look a little bit
> > tiny...
> >
> The reason is security. A guest is untrusted by default, though sane
> limits are applied. Same as ulimit which has some sane defaults (check
> output of ulimit -a). Same as those kernel settings from /proc/sys --
> should /proc/sys/fs/file-max be 'unlimited' by default?

Ok. So as our benchmarks have no security concern, you will see no
objection if I set all the parameters in the 'guest' to their value in
the host, won't you?

Clément Calmels <>
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